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A Small selection of tunes from the Chong 5 album. Full of deeply delicious meaty sample vocal chunks and truely tuneful chongliness blended and brewed into a stew of aural pleasure. Enjoy.

Track 1 - Hello
Track 2 - Heavenly glory
Track 3 - What is love
Track 4 - What I feel is a strange emotion
Track 5 - Drugs bring light
Track 6 - Floating in the blue
Track 7 - Little things happen
Track 8 - Sliperdifericity (sample it)
Track 9 - Let us all unite


Dj Zek presents another 55 minute session of cinematic soundscapes and samples designed to engage and take the listener on a journey into the realms of space and the human condition. Open yourself to the possibility that there is something more. Take a trip into the future and discover the possibilities of evolution.


The third instalment in the 'Journey' trilogy. A 60 minute continuous mix of intelligent dance music, cut, remixed and spliced with samples to give you a unique experience of the modern concept album. Enjoy.


A 35 minute mixdown of some crackingly chongfull tunes, lovingly selected and crafted for your aural pleasure. Recorded at the Royal Roost ( right opposite snake pit opposite 47 - 48 street ) july 16th 2004.

Track Listing -

1. A very good evening
2. Ju Ju disco
3. Come on in
4. Stereo phonic dance
5. You know where its at
6. Lord I'm down here
7. I have a dream
8. The Illustrious one
9. Who is he
10. Time becomes a loop
11. Pure grit & hard work.

Enjoy !


Soon to be added will be a best of ... 'The chong lounge'
Taking a load of funky instrumental electronia and beats'n'breaks, cutting up mixing & adding unique vocal samples sourced from a variety of bizarre places.

This is where it all started. Having alittle bit of fun with some software.

Here is a taster of things to come, although the feel of some tracks differ hugely. Make sure you come back for the main course.






This is the first in the trilogy of the 'Journey' concept albums, taking you on an aural adventure deep into another place of time and space. A continuous 76 minute session of intelligent electronic dance and sample laiden story telling. Get those headphones on and enjoy !!